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What should I do after my acupuncture treatment?

Having an acupuncture treatment is just one way of taking care of yourself. By following some of these tips you can give your treatment the very best chance in terms of maximising the healing capacity of your body and getting the most out of your investment.

Moxibustion used with Acupuncture

Moxibustion (Chinese: 灸; pinyin: jiǔ) is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy using moxa made from dried mugwort. It plays an important role in the traditional medical systems of China and many acupuncturists combine the use with needling.


Question 1 – What’s involved in an acupuncture treatment?

The headings below illustrate the variety of treatment techniques that you may experience during your treatment.

Rebecca offers kinesio taping, but what actually is it??

Kinesio Taping…. what is it???

You may have noticed during the olympics that many of the athletes were wearing lots of coloured tape, this is called kinesiology tape and Rebecca uses the RockTape brand. Which she personally finds is the best.

October 1st: New Location & Therapists

Exceptional Health will be back, this time in the main part of Canary Wharf, 40 Bank Street will be our new address, happy days.

Spring Equinox and Cannabis

Funny title I’m sure some are thinking. Spring Equinox is today and if you know anything about the Mayan ceremony, it was all about re-birth, re-connection and new beginnings.

What does well being mean to you?

This is something that I have been asking people recently as it interests me on what we think brings us well being.

Cold Sores

Cold sores, which I myself suffer with, people generally feel hideous when blisters appear on our lips.

New Year and new focus

I want to educate people and would like to see a more eclectic approach to health.

Kefir- a natural pro-biotic- IBS

I have worked with many forms of IBS over the years and it’s interesting how many people are given that diagnosis by GP’s