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Teeth Whitening

I now have that Hollywood smile that I have always wanted, ha ha!! Actually I haven’t really but they are at least 6 shades lighter but I was not expecting them to be brilliant white, but if I continue having them done on a regular basis they will get there.

Now that I have had it done, to which it took 3 months for Amanda from Ice Whitening to convince me to have a go. I was worried that my crowns, to which my top front teeth  are would not change and I would be left with strange looking coloured teeth at the front! (And just for the record, they are crowned because I knocked them out as a clumsy kid, not because I was fighting nor eating lots of sweets!) Well impressed I am, in truth I had nothing to worry about at all.

The procedure is quite simple, not at all painful and some would say it stopped me from talking for an hour!! Amanda, checked my teeth, explained everything she was doing and the reasons why. She made me feel very at ease and like it was the most normal thing to have done!! I even manged to have a little nap. The laser comes in 15 minute bursts, and then teeth are checked each time and the gel is put on the teeth again then the laser does its work, all really simple and completely pain free.

After, all I had to do was rinse my mouth and smile! What must be done after is a white food diet, which I can’t deny I have found hard to do, but trust me when I say, it’s really important to do. Why I have struggled is because I am quite anal about eating vegetables and fruit and because I am not allowed them I just want them even more!

So I can highly recommend it to anyone, its safe, non-invasive and the practitioner is lovely. Treatments are available here and their web site is

Will I have again in about 3 months time, yes why not! Claire

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