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The pain we live in!

I have been noticing recently at how with the cold weather that more and more people are getting stiff! Do we put it down to age, damp and cold weather, who knows?

I have also noticed how long people go around with pain, whether it is because of the above or they pull something at the gym or just wake up with it.

When you pull a muscle, or at least in my case, my body goes into some sort of shock around that area. How I react to that is changing my posture to cope with the pain, by either tensing more or making other muscles work differently so as not to make the pain worse. What that does is it causes the body to create tension in other places, which could again go into some sort of injury of tension and pain, depending on how long you put up with it before getting it looked at!

Anti-inflammatories are taken, and yes a good idea especially if it is all inflammed but they do not fix an injury, just hide the pain for a little while.

When I started this clinic I wanted to be able to offer acute treatments where if one does wake with pain or it has been chronic pain then here is a place where issues can be treated on that day. I have fantastic sports therapists but don’t be put off by the name, if the injury is not due to sports injury, what these therapists know is extensive knowledge of muscles, how the interact with each other and be able to fix many muscular pain issues. Also I have osteopaths who again have vast knowledge of muscles and bones and pain related issues, whether it is chronic or acute!

Last week I went to bed with a pain in my neck, the next day I woke unable to move my neck over left shoulder but slightly over right. Ok, you could say I am lucky that I have a clinic, but I had no intention of going around with the pain, nor did I think  just rest, it will go away if I take some sort of pain relief.  I saw the Osteopath and did have a problem with it, and she sent me off to ice it and do stretches to help it heal.

After the initial session my pain had gone down by 75%

I saw her the following week and after 2 sessions it is sorted.

I wanted to highlight everyone’s attention that pain can be decreased so quickly after one session and at least by seeing someone who knows you get a diagnosis which again creates relief mentally therefore reducing stress that pain also causes.

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