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An Osteopath is someone who looks after your back?  Well, not just backs…Osteopathy is a complete primary healthcare system that examines not only your ‘musculoskeletal system’ i.e. your back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees etc etc but also your nervous system, cardiovascular system and even your digestive and respiratory systems.  In other words, Osteopaths don’t just look at “the sore bit” but examine any predisposing and maintaining factors that are causing your pain.  Thus, Osteopathy can treat a wide range of conditions and patients, sudden and acute injury or long-term chronic pain, from infants to the elderly.  The range of techniques employed by an Osteopath include massage, joint articulation and manipulation (the ‘clicking’) of joints that are restricted and so usually causing patients to feel stiffness and discomfort.  A session with an Osteopath generally last 30 minutes (compared to some chiropractors who treat in just 10 minutes!) during which a case history is taken, examination, treatment and, where appropriate an exercise programme may also be devised.  Osteopathy is an ongoing process that takes into account the demands place upon the body by work and lifestyle and treatments are tailored to the individual.

Phew that was a waffle wasn’t it, I love Osteopathy and due to a serious neck problem myself, I have regular treatments and have found that I have had a 80% improvement on a herniated disc that when it hurts I could cry as it feels like I have a knife in my neck whilst working. The problem is chronic and there is no cure, hence why Osteopathy has been my saving grace, considering I still do deep tissue massage and it has been the wear and tear of 15 years of giving! I have seen chiropractors to but find Osteopathy for me, a more holistic approach looking also at lifestyle, diet, posture, stress and not just a quick click, click, click!!

So if you have a problem, do consider Osteopathy and don’t think that it’s going to hurt with a click out  and just the back as there is so much more to it. I have Amanda Burnham and Akhil Patel as my Osteoapths and  would highly recommend them both!!

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