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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everybody ! Well that is it for another year and are many of you saying ‘Phew’? All the excesses of eating, drinking, staying up late.

So, what does 2008 have in-store for us all, well I know that many of my clients will be de-toxing from alcohol for this month and thinking now is the time to get fit, but I suggest that we try and change to much in a short space of time and end up just reverting back to old habits! Also this is the wrong time of year to de-tox properly as it’s cold, damp and grey, so our bodies need care and attention not sudden withdrawal which ends up making you feel ill and like I mentioned more than likely go back to old habits!

The best time to give your bodies the over haul is at the beginning of Spring, march time when the days are brighter, its not so cold and damp and life is starting increase outside, trees getting their leaves back, flowers starting to bloom. This is when our bodies are coming out of hibernation and would cope much better with a clear out than in January!

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