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Colonic Hydrotherapy

I never thought I would be writing about this but hey here I go! I have this clinic in Canary Wharf and I have been thinking about what types of other therapies to bring in and a friend of mine whom I have known since practicing complementary health, all of 14 years ago and who I see for homeopathy, well she also does colonic hydrotherapy.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, we were talking on the phone and I said that I would like to have colonic here at the clinic and had found a therapists who came and had a look at the clinic but since then I have not heard from so I gathered they were not interested, so my friend said she would consider it. So she came and had a look and I am hoping to have her here practicing by the end of May.

Yesterday however I went over to her house for homeopathy for me and my daughter then the plan was to go to her clinic and have a look at how the system of colonic’s is set up, then after was going to go food shopping and get home! This did not happen as she asked me to have a session, to which I said, “no, you are alright” But would she take no for an answer, so I had my first experience of colonic hydrotherapy.

What was so interesting was that I thought that I was generally healthy, I eat really well, hardly ever drink alcohol, maybe have too much coffee sometimes and guess what, how toxic was I! She talked me through what was coming through the tube but what amazed me was nothing moved at first because the tube was full of air, and there was me thinking it was in the tube but what it actually was, my wind/gas! This had to pass out before the rest of my contents started coming out! I never thought for a minute that it was all so complicated and like I said, I really thought that I would be relatively healthy, how wrong was I.

How I felt after was quite tired but after a couple of hours I felt completely energised, my skin was clearer, my stomach felt softer. The therapist told me that I needed to have more sessions as I was some what toxic and it is best if you do a short course of treatments.

I don’t feel that the therapy is a way that you get healthy, a lot of other things are needed as in a healthy diet, managing your stress, hydration, sleep, rest, and lots of fun!

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