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Evolved and sensitive

Homeopathy – do you believe? I am not a ‘hippy’ nor do I profess to ‘cure’ illness.

I can only comment on my experience using remedies and seeing amazing results with remedies. Prime examples: majority of us have heard what Arnica can do; I’ve seen a lump the size of a golf ball, on a child’s forehead after stacking a BMX, bouncing onto concrete, be flattened by taking this remedy over 2 hours not long after and again a child, hit a wooden beam running with nose, by the evening, she was so  blackened round her eyes and nose, bruising drawn out fully with arnica.

Another remedy, how it convinced one of my cynical  friends to help manage food poisoning, her symptoms not pleasant I assure you! It supported an acute reaction with instant results. I have so many examples but I’d bore you as a reader!

I am amazed by science discoveries, evolvement in this world, life is different. We to have evolved in our systems. My approach is supporting the bodies system, alongside allopathic medicine if this is the case.

Remedies work is all I can say, I have seen with my own eyes, to explain it who knows? There is no science per say!

We have evolved and life is more amazing with ‘stuff’ that are we more acutely sensitive? People hit harder by illness and I’ve treated  IBS, allergies, asthma, eczema, cfs, SAD, MS, tension, sports injuries, HBP, headaches, fertility, skin, RSI, the list goes on. I’m 45 and I don’t remember us as kids having as many allergic, asthmatic, eczema in children at school?

Amazing that a  list of illnesses of patients where the symptoms have been investigated medically only to be told there is nothing wrong, yet the symptoms are still being experienced. Evolved sensitivity of our systems to keep up with this evolved world does not always have a absolute explanation  either medically or how remedies work!

I can support illnesses this winter for anyone that asks, I’m often found to spurting out a remedy name on hearing symptoms even to complete strangers who’s conversation I’ve listened to out and about!

For me it works, I have so many proving’s, that’s all my belief system can go on. To support in a more sensitive way to our sensitive systems!



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