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Osteopathy & Chiropractic Treatment

The two professions share the same general principle that the body is a whole. Therefore an area of pain may not necessarily be the area of dysfunction

Osteopathy incorporates the relationship between muscle and joint function. So every treatment will be focused on joint mobility and muscle function. Chiropractic treatment is usually based more on joint and bone manipulation with a smaller proportion of muscle work.

Our techniques differ in that Osteopathy is generally known to be less frequent and forceful with joint manipulation. Osteopathic treatment spends more time working on muscle balance and function as well as joint mobility.

The main difference is that Osteopathic treatment will be a minimum of 30 minutes where as chiropractic is usually about 10 minutes.

Due to having extra time an Osteopath is able to go through specific exercises to stretch and/or strengthen a particular area to prevent re-occurrence and teach the patient self-management.

Osteopaths will also spend time explaining exactly what is wrong, what we will do and what you can do to prevent it happening again.

The average number of visits to an Osteopath for most ailments is 4-5 sessions. Chiropractors generally have a lot more treatments you may have to attend.

Both professions are recognised by all health insurance companies and the medical health profession itself.

To become an Osteopath or a chiropractor you must have completed a minimum of a 4 year degree and be state registered with either the General Osteopathic Council or the General Chiropractic Council to practise in the UK.

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