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Been Busy


It’s funny as when I got this blog set up on the website I thought, fab I can do all these blogs on a weekly basis, letting people know what we are about here at Exceptional Health, keep them informed of health issues, my discoveries being a therapist and really I have been quite slack! Where does all the time go!

I can’t say I have been lazy, no way, been busy not just in my professional life but being a lone parent with a 3 year old also takes up time, not that I am complaining, it’s all great!

So what have I been up to this year, been focusing a lot on the clinic, thinking up ways of getting busier for all the therapists and realising that as we are a small business in the scheme of corporate businesses that are here in the wharf. I have therefore realised that it is good to link up with like minded small companies and look at how we can all help each other out on the marketing front. I have done just that, we are swapping with City Bunker and they are offering deals for Exceptional Health clients at a reduced cost, so good news for clients. if you want to know what they are about. Visit our web site for the special offers they are offering us.

The other thing that I have done is joined the Wellbeing Network and again we have some offers from them to, again look at our web site under company news to see what is on offer.

I have also been looking for therapists to come and join us here and in April we will be joined by a company called UrBod, they are a team of nutritionist and have a very different view to nutrition.

In March we have a dietician joining and she works closely within the NHS, again I am excited at seeing her get busy.

New therapists to the clinic are Martin who does Thai massage as well as sports massage.

So you see I have not been watching time slip away doing nothing but I will try and write a little more often! I hope this finds everyone well, dandy and happy with life!

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