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What should I do after my acupuncture treatment?

What should I do after my acupuncture treatment?

Having an acupuncture treatment is just one way of taking care of yourself. By following some of these tips you can give your treatment the very best chance in terms of maximising the healing capacity of your body and getting the most out of your investment.

Please consider this simple, yet effective advice:

Take time to rest. Ideally immediately after your treatment. Of course in this busy society I understand this is not always possible, therefore please ensure that at some point during the day you have some time for yourself to rest and relax.

If you feel sleepy, listen to your body and take time out to nap. This can be very beneficial. It also gives your body time off and provides some quality healing time.

Avoid alcohol. When booking a treatment it is good to consider the evenings events, if you are planning a big night out it may be wise to book your appointment on another day. Whilst we say avoid alcohol if you have a glass of wine this would not be detrimental to your treatment however complete abstinence that evening is always advisable.

Keeping hydrated is very important. Plain warm water is great. I always advise on drinking warm or hot water, or bodies are like engines and they need warmth to run effectively.

Try to follow your body’s signals. If you feel sleepy, rest.  Hungry, eat.  Thirsty, drink.

Should you get an energy rush, which sometimes happens, please avoid over exerting yourself. Try to take some gentle exercise, a walk around the block, some gentle yoga etc, and then rest.

Eat lightly, try not to eat a ten course meal.

Follow the advice that you discussed as part of your treatment plan. This advice is aimed at boosting your healing potential.

Sometimes after treatments patients may feel slightly dizzy or they describe feeling ‘spaced out”. If so please advise me and I will provide you with some water before you leave. Also avoid driving straight after the treatment, maybe take a little walk around the block do some deep breathing in the fresh air to help you adjust.

Occasionally needling may cause a bruise.  This will normally pass after a day or two.  If this bothers you try rubbing with Arnica gel or cream from the chemist.  However, ALWAYS READ THE LABEL FIRST.

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