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Come listen to a talk about Less Stress More Ease


Less Stress More Ease

Feeling Stressed? Anxious? Depressed? Low confidence?
Overwhelmed? Out of sorts? Busy mind? Trouble making decisions?
Struggling at work or study? Difficult relationships? Destructive habits?

Did you know that everyone has well-being, peace of mind and
creativity available to them on the inside? We have only to realise it,
and to understand how our experience gets created via the three
principles of mind, thought and consciousness.

These simple principles show you where your feelings are coming
from and how you can access your well-being immediately no
matter how challenging your life circumstances.

There are no techniques to learn, nothing to remember or practice.
Your own insight is what opens the door for you, and once you see it
for yourself, it’s yours to keep.

Come and listen to Ian Watson from The Insight Space to present this talk on Wednesday 15th March

Venue: NuDawn 206 Well Street Hackney London E9 6QT

Time : 7.30 pm – 9 pm Cost £10

Book on line at or pay at the door

For more information email me

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