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Marketing myself

As always I say that I will do weekly blog but even though I say it, do I do it? Somewhere along the line I distract myself and always find something else to do!

I have realised that although I have been a therapist for a long time and a lot of my work is referrals there is still marketing to do if I am to create new work.

I have redesigned new leaflets, had a new Facebook page done, actually learnt how to use it and opened a new clinic in Hackney. Today I am seeing my first client from my leaflets campaign, which does not sound a lot but to me makes my getting on my bike to put leaflets around Hackney worth while! I know that it takes a while to get people to realise that I am here and most clients who now see me in the Hackney clinic have been referred to me by other clients, to which I am hugely grateful for and reiterates my worth as a therapist.

I always talk to people when I am out and about, especially when I hear them talking about health issues they are having, and that could be a complete stranger but feel I have the knowledge that I could improve their health in a different approach where conventional medicine has not helped.

I would also ask anyone who has had treatments with me to write a recommendation about their experience and either email me with it so that I can put on my web site under testimonials or like Exceptional Health on Facebook where there is a section to write recommendations.

I will also be moving locations in Canary Wharf from December and will let you know where that will be.


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