Craniosacral babies & homeopathy

Claire Stiling is multi – talented! I definitely recommend her services. If you’re a parent of a young child who has any health issues, it’s worth contacting Claire to see if she can help with a natural solution.

She treated my baby son from a week old with Cranio-Sacral therapy. It is so good to help babies to adjust to the world. We didn’t see Claire then for a couple of months. During that time my son developed Flat Head Syndrome. Claire worked on him twice a week to gently reshape his little bones. It helped quite a bit. Unfortunately for us, we were not able to continue seeing Claire as we moved house to a different area.
Claire was able to prescribe homeopathy for him too. It is a good combination and really hard to find someone who is experienced and effective in both therapies, which Claire is. We do miss her and appreciate her skills and dedication.
Thanks Claire.

Best wishes always

Alison- Canary Wharf

Craniosacral & Homeopathy 

I have been seeing Claire for cranio sacral therapy for the past two years.  During one session, I mentioned that my five year old son had been diagnosed with glue ear and that if his hearing did not improve within about 6-9 months, he would have to have an operation (under general anaesthetic) to have grommets inserted, which would drain the fluid from his ear.  Claire recommended a remedy called Kali Mur tissue salts to help with the glue ear, which would take around six months to be effective.  My son took two tablets three times a day for six months, after which his hearing was re-checked and back in the normal levels.  This was great news as not only could my son hear properly, it avoided the need for invasive surgery by using a natural remedy, for which I am very grateful to Claire.

Bridget- city


Claire has been my massage therapist for almost 10 years now. I have continued to see her for such a long time because the massage she gives is excellent. She listens to my specific concerns and addresses them during each treatment. I always feel that each massage is relaxing, enjoyable.

Remy - Canary Wharf

Cranio-sacral Therapy

“Thanks to Claire’s craniosacral treatments and nutritional advice,  not only did I totally recover my health, but it felt like a new, more sustainable health. Through Claire, I also gained/understood new practical ways to handle a very intensive and stressful career, which in a way helps me manage my health in a much more long-term oriented way by avoiding short-term fixes we all usually tend to fall for. She really helped me reach a turning point at a time I felt under a lot of pressure, and for that I am truly grateful. Claire has a real gift for healing!”

Patrick- Canary Wharf

Therapies- all of them !

“I’ve been seeing Claire on average every 3 weeks for over 10 years and have had no qualms in recommending her to friends and colleagues alike. With Claire you get not only the best massage in town but also she offers fantastic cranio-sacral therapy, perfect for getting your body feeling at one again after a stressful period or in my case a bereavement. While she smooths out all the muscular and physical imperfections, she is also a great homeopath with remedies for many ailments”. I cant recommend her enough.

Trudy Anderson, Sydney, Australia

Massage and Cranio-sacral Therapy

I returned to the UK after living in Australia for a few years after my mother unexpectedly passed away. This was obviously a difficult time for me and I found Claire’s caring and positive attitude a good counter-point for the heavy energy that I was carrying around at the time.

I originally started with massage treatments which I found beneficial for both moving and releasing emotions but also for the physical effort of getting my muscles moving as I returned to a very sedentary job.

Being the concerned and observant therapist that she is, Claire noticed that I needed a little something else and would occasionally treat me with some homeopathic remedies to help me along. I then tried some cranio-sacral treatments and these were extremely helpful in shifting the emotional blockages that I was carrying from my mothers passing.

I have since returned to Australia but keep in occasional contact with Claire and will most certainly be visiting her for treatment on my visits back to the UK. I would happily recommend her to anyone wishing to improve both their physical and emotional well-being and would say to the person going, be open to suggestions, she really does know what she is doing!

John and Marolyn- Herts

Cranio-sacral therapy

Claire is the best therapist ever!

She has helped me in my regular visits to her over the past 10 years, and in particular she has seen me through a crisis period in the second half of the 1990’s – in 1996 I had a road accident, and 1999, I had a subsequent serious neck operation, and this led to me having a range of complex, inter-related and chronic health problems.

She does for me amazing massages, after which I just ‘float’ home, and she sorts out my head, neck, back and general balance problems with her wonderfully intuitive craniosacral therapy.  She  is also very wise and easy to talk to about personal matters, and we together come up with practical ways forward on issues both re my health and in my life. And there are also her clever homeopathy  treatments – I don’t really understand how these work, but just know that they do.

She is someone I can absolutely trust – with my health and my life problems, and I come away from our sessions feeling balanced and healed, and ready to face the world once more with my  enegies renewed.

She has made such a difference in my life, and to that of my family, and I feel sure that she can do the same for you.

Judith Morgan, Canary Wharf

Cranio-sacral therapy

“Claire has been my Craniosacral Therapist for about a year. She has always treated me with the utmost respect as a client and i feel her work is very therapeutic. I trust her implicitly with my healthcare”

Val -Canary Wharf


I have been going to Claire on a regular basis for various ailments, which others have been unable to diagnose. With her help my general health has improved tremendously, enabling me to live a normal life. Recently I had an acute allergic reaction to mosquito bites and was in great distress, itching and unable to sleep. I rang Exceptional Health and was given an immediate appointment. Claire treated me while in her consulting room with homeopathic remedies and through the QX machine. At the end of the consultation I was already much improved and feeling optimistic, and given remedies to use at home. Claire asked me to ring later that day to let her know how I was progressing. Throughout this episode she has been readily available, in person and by phone, and very supportive. She is obviously a very knowledgeable and able homeopathic practitioner.”