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Good Afternoon

As some of you know, I am a homeopath as well as other things, and although I know that homeopathy gets a lot of bad press and once there was a documentary on the telly where this American Scientist offered a million dollars for someone to prove it. Of course it could not really be tested as it treats energetically and how do you measure that.

People who have met me as a therapist, know that I am far from fluffy in my approach to my work yet I am a homeopath! I do like to see results and I can honestly say that I have seen amazing things happen with homeopathy. For example I think most people nowadays know about arnica, that it treats bruising very effectively and actually is one remedy that I find most people have at home.

With all these things being used and proved, like arnica for example then why is there so much anti homeopathy around? My grandmother had a really bad fall, she is 94 this year, still has her fantastic mind and sense of humor but her body is letting her down. Anyway, she looked like she had been in several rounds in a ring, with 2 lumps on her head the size of a tangerine!

My grandmother called me, which is hard as she is really deaf! She asked me to send her to arnica as she only had the cream. So, a couple of weekends ago I thought it best to go and visit her but had posted the remedy beforehand. I called the care home to tell my gran to turn her mobile on so I could arrange a time with her for the next day, only to be as well that she had received the arnica but they had not given it to her! I asked why and they said it was because the doctor said she was not to take it because she was on worferin, which is for her heart. I checked to make sure there were no contra indications and of course there was not.

The reason I am telling you this, is because, don’t get me wrong I am not against  the medical profession at all, but all it could of taken was for her doctor to be able to accept that arnica would of been a great compliment to healing for her, but flatly refused to even consider it!

As soon as I got there the next day I went and asked for it back, to which I gave to my grandmother and the lumps/bruising has got smaller and drawn it out. What was funny though is that I spoke with her a few days later, or should I say shouted, and she had forgotten that I had left it for her!

Like I said I have seen amazing results and even if that is to do with the power of the mind as well as the remedy then why not take it if it works. I do value you the power of it and this is why I use it.

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