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What does well being mean to you?

This is something that I have been asking people recently as it interests me on what we think brings us well being.

Here are some of the things said: money, health, happiness, love, kindness, the pub, holidays and  Botox!  Any of these are true for that particular person as well being for one does not mean the same for everybody.

Well being literally means exactly that, where a person feels well in their very being without the stresses and tensions taking over, they feel well.

When I think of my own well being, yes I can say I think of it in regards to my health but I also notice that feeling that well being also includes getting out of London and enjoying what is around me which contributes to my well being.

I had a debate with my cousin recently about Botox, she thought it was poison and the people that do have it done were not able to cope with getting older gracefully! I had to point out that actually Botox can be used for a number of things, medically as well as beauty. I also mentioned that if that is what makes a person feel well within their being, especially emotionally then that can only be a good thing, no?

Well being effects our whole self, not just physically but also emotionally and if that means that a person can feel good then to be in that moment will have an uplifting effect on their whole system. This is about the wellness of ourselves and what ever that looks like to a person can only be that they do things that are good for their soul.

We all have ways to cope with life and we all do things to combat that and just because it is not necessarily a particular healthy option of well being it if it lifts your soul that to me is well being.

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