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Pills, pills and more pills

I feel like I am going to have a rant today as when I watch television I can’t believe the amount of adverts that tell about medication we can take for allergies, hayfever, bowel problems, athelete’s foot, bowel flora etc ! I find myself talking to the telly and telling the advert off!

Why do we seek a pill and feel that this will be the answer, how I see it, is that coming from a complementary view what I want to know is why the problem is there in the first place.

As a therapist I would be asking these questions, looking at lifestyle to see whether this is a factor on why health issue’s come up, which includes stress, diet, sleep pattern, bowel movements,, does it happen more at any particular time of day or night. There are more but I feel these are all valid questions to ask when say for example you have never suffered from hayfever before then suddenly it comes on one year. Here I would want to know if anything had changed in that person’s life, as why just suddenly suffer?

I have also just taken on a medical herbalist, she has had medical training but will prescribe using herbs, which if you think about it, herbs have been used for centuries by many different cultures and also used as a basis for allopathic medication as they have such medicinal usage.

I would long to see more people realising the benefits of what complementary health has to offer, not only are the appointments at least an hour, the client is listened to, lifestyle taken into consideration and you are looked at on so many other aspects on trying to find out why suddenly your health is being impacted.

I have used complementary medicine for all my ills, which are not that many I have to say! I also have my 4 year old treated this way and notice that her recovery time is generally much quicker than taking lots of allopathic drugs, I guess her system copes alot more naturally and even though I think children should get colds to boost their immune systems, I don’t want to suppress the illness with lots of decongestants, better for them to let it all come up and out!

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