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Winter Ills

The weather seems to be playing havoc with everyone’s health at the moment, myself included! What is needed is a long cold spell to kill off the germs but alas that is not happening, as one minute it’s freezing then it goes mild again.

I have had a bad cough for 2 weeks and now it has moved to my sinuses and I have a glorious cold sore to go with it! As I am a homeopath I have not been using my remedies that I always make up for everybody else, clients and friends, more fool me really. I have come into work today and made up lots of remedies for myself to take so I can knock this into touch.

I have lots of things that are tried and tested from clients that I make up to help them overcome their illnesses. So if you are wanting help to get over something it is worth checking me out, even if you are not a client with me, I am often here and handing out remerdies to other therapist’s clients.

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