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Happy New Year……..question for all, how long are we expected to wish people this, a dilemma I’m in at the moment as feel I should be saying it to all my patients, so will probably still be saying it come February!

It’s that january thing, the amount of people both professionally and friends who are abstaining from alcohol for this month! Was it that so much drinking was done or we just feel like it was as it was Christmas or we drink lots either way and a month off makes us feel healthier regardless of the rest of the year!

I know I probably sound quite mad, but these are questions I think about and often ask people because on the whole I don’t think we quite realise how much we actually do drink. I always say I am not a drinker, this is partly true, but I could drink a few glasses of wine without really noticing and if I drink more than once a week it passes me by. There are times where I have not drunk anything for weeks, again I don’t really notice that either! I am lucky really because I get violently sick so know that I can’t mix drinks nor drink to excess and cannot handle being very ill the next day anymore! (I am no longer in my 20’s!!)

There are more cases of fatty and cirrhotic liver now amongst people that are just sitting at home having a bottle of wine and thinking I’m not out drinking so it’s not really drinking! Actually it is! This is why I go back to the question on why we  don’t take note of how much we drink generally over the year and think about that!!

Lastly, food detox, January is not the time to do it, it’s too cold! Best time to do a de-tox is March onwards and best to do at least a month!

If you are considering getting your bodies fitter, why not come and have a massage which will help circulation, muscle fatigue, aches, pains and promotes a stronger immune system by pushing out some of that Christmas excess!

I hope that 2011 brings everything you wish for! Claire

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