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New Year and new focus

As most of you know from past blogs or facebook page, I no longer have a specific clinic in Canary Wharf. I am still coming to the wharf but have moved locations. I am now working every Friday from 10am – 8pm at 5, Harbour Exchange, 3rd floor, E14 9GE. it is nearer to South Quay DLR. If you wish to make an appointment either contact me via e-mail or mobile which is on my web site.

2013 brings huge changes and challenges for me. I have set up in Hackney and found myself doing a few more home visits than before, which I don’t mind as would rather be working. I am looking more creatively on how to continue doing what I do not only to earn a living but to offer my skills to a wider client base and keep expanding on that.

When one is so passionate about their work, which dare I say that I don’t suppose a huge number of us feel this about their careers. Although I have been a practitioner for 16 years every day I discover something new about the reaction of the body, mind and spirit. OK, its true that everybody I treat is different and yes therefore will always get diffreent reactions, so easy to say.

For me its not always about fixing someone but to enable them to notice how their bodies work, how stress, the mind effects us. I was taught  by Dr Mick MacKensie that ‘noticing fixes more than fixing’ I use his quote lots when working with clients.

I want to educate people and would like to see a more eclectic approach to health. What do I mean by this ? My view to better health would be in the education. For example, instead of pain killers for say a back problem, to which client has gone to the doctors, why not be told that seeing a Osteopath, having Sports massage or Physio would be their next step. Why is it that pills, pain killers with these issues are the first port of call by the medical profession?  

This is what I would like to see going forward and I do think that someday soon we are going to have to rethink how to approach repetitive issues as we work longer hours,  work loads increase, cut backs and therefore our stress levels impact not only our very being. A pill cannot always fix things but managing our health with a different approach can!

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