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Well Being and Resilience – lets take it online

Well being and resilience sessions


We are living in unprecedented times. You might suddenly find yourself working from home with the unfamiliar, feeling uncertain and wanting to know what you can trust. Situations like these can leave us feeling stressed, overwhelmed and confused about what to do. Our minds can spiral into catastrophic future scenarios.
And yet, we all have within us the capacity to meet the needs of any given external reality when we align with our own internal resources. From there we can navigate any changing tide with calm, clarity and common sense.
Sessions tailored to you

– understand and navigate your mindset
– adjust to changing circumstances
– stay connected with yourself and others
– learn how to be helpful to others

– How to work from home
– How to stay in good spirits in a climate of uncertainty
– Feeling more resilient
– Dealing with your fears about:
– contagion
– life circumstances changing
– an uncertain future
– anxiety or panic taking over
– isolation
– other people in your life not coping

Identifying what you are grappling with in the current climate

What we know works – deepening your understanding of resilience:

– the hidden variable at play
– the hidden constant at play
– Aligning with your internal resources
– Real-time support on your challenges

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