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Moxibustion used with Acupuncture


Heat Perception Moxa:

This is a Japanese technique and involves forming small pyramids out of loose moxa.

These cones are then placed onto the skin and lit. I will ask the patient to tell me when the cones are becoming warm and they are then removed. Sometimes the cones are paced on either salt, used at the navel or ginger which can also be used at the navel amongst other acupuncture points.

Warm Needle Moxa:

This method involves either loose moxa rolled into balls or cones which are then secured onto the needle. The skin is always protected during this form of application. This method allows for a gentle heat to penetrate the needle tip.

Moxa Sticks:

This is a cigar like tube that is covered with rice paper. Smokeless varieties are mixed with carbon. The moxa stick is held at a small distance from the skin and are used to heat large areas of the body.

Moxa boxes can also be used, these are placed over a large area such as the abdomen or lower back.

Sometimes moxa sticks are sent home with the patients to support the continuation of the treatment at home, full instructions are provided.

Moxa in Africa:

Very Interesting!!

Moxibustion is being used to treat TB in Africa:

Moxafrica is a research project being undertaken in Uganda and South Africa. Ken Sawada a famous Japanese moxibustion practitioner who used moxibustion as a treatment of TB during the 1930’s and 40’s. This project is currently assessing the efficacy and use of rice grain moxa as an adjunctive method in the treatment of TB. Currently results have been promising. For further information check out their website:


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