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Spring Equinox and Cannabis

Funny title I’m sure some are thinking. Spring Equinox is today and if you know anything about the Mayan ceremony, it was all about re-birth, re-connection and new beginnings.

Why I relate this to Cannabis is because I have been working with a client who for the last 20 something years has smoked Cannabis just like some would have a glass or 2 of wine of an evening. He smokes to relax and calm himself from his busy work day, although for the past year he has noticed that actually it does not seem to having that effect on him anymore. What he has been noticing more is he is not actually allowing the enjoyment of it, he mentioned that it irritates his chest, where he may have a coughing fit when smoking and then automatically goes into self destruct by telling himself off for smoking it!

My question to him was the point of giving yourself a hard time is? Surely that takes away the reasons for smoking because it sounds to me that it is actauulty causing more stress in his system.

He has been having a combination of massage, cranial and homeopathy, so a month ago when he agreed to look at stopping and using other things to help relax him, together we have been gearing up for today.

He is on remedies for cravings of tobacco, de-tox of liver and cannabis for his physical self. It will be a hard journey and we have had to devise plans to do things differently of an evening so that when he feels he can’t relax after a busy day, practical stuff to slow him down.

Yes early days but he says I can write about his experience on facebook and blog, tracking his progress and sharing what challenges he is going to have to work through.

What mostly makes me smile is his curiousity to notice the difference he will feel by not smoking the dope, I’ve asked him firstly to notice his sense of self in the mornings. Wishing you loads of luck with your new adventure too!

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