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It’s been a wee while since I have done my blog and I am suppossed to be doing one every week yet here I am a month behind already! I don’t know about anyone else but I think this year has is going too quickly already!

Well alot has gone on and yes my teeth are still quite white which I think is great on how long the treatment lasts, Amanda did say I was to do a follow up session as she would like to take my teeth a little more whiter! I really will think then that I should live in Hollywood!

I have been very busy trying to get Exceptional Health full with more therapists and offer more of a range of treatments. I am happy to say that Laser Active have joined us ( ) and also Nataliya Robinson ( has joined also and is offering a range of beauty treatments, some which appeared on 10 years younger on Channel 4, this I may well have a go at! All the information of treatments are on our website. Both are offering introductory offers so don’t derlay in taking advantage of their offers.

Lastly I have just skyped my brother in the USA, to wish him a belated birthday only to realise it was today and the date was wrong on my watch! He is at the hospital with his wife, who is expecting her 3rd child, and although the due date is the 20th they have decided to have an induction today! I think its because its a boy thing, same birthdays and also we can do pretty much what we want to change nature nowadays! Do I agree with it, not at all as I feel that childbirth is such a natural thing that to do it that way is much better for mother and child! It still amazes me how much society today designs the way they we have babies, scary!

I hope to write on this more regularly, she says!! Claire

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