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Depression amongst the young

I turned 40 last week and I have noticed how different I feel, grown up and I feel now I am in adulthood!

What I have also noticed over the last year or so is how many young people are being diagnosed with depression, my niece who turned 18 this year has just come off anti-depressants!

When my sister told me the eldest was going to be put on anti-depressants I went nuts, could not believe that someone at 17 at the time could have that many issues. But needless to say she went on them for 8 months and they actually made no real difference at all. It was then that I started to get curious and suddenly came more aware of the amount of people that come to me with anxiety, stress, sudden low’s who originally have gone to see the doctor and it was suggested to them to go on anti-depressants. What is funny is that most of them are quite horrified at the suggestion and therefore seek alternative avenues to combat their stress. This is where I come in and my clinic, offering a range of therapies that help cope with stress and give them the time to talk about the issues that are causing the stress.

I have just read an article on the BBC news internet about a year long study of 1,000 32 year olds and found 45% of new cases of depression and anxiety. They put it down to work load and the demand they are under with no proper social time. One doctor suggests that with the currant technology available now that companies need to incorporate a more flexible working week that people are able to manage so that their social time is met so they are able to unwind effectively. To read this study click on the link below.

In conclusion it concerns me that younger and younger people are despondent at what life is, when I was 18 I was having the time of my life and getting into all sorts of mischief, all of it legal! In an age where there is so much more out there we don’t seem to be as creative with our time, is that because we have so little of it that all the mundane things need to be done, so we are constantly playing catch up with everything and everybody?

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