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Cold Sores

Cold sores, which I myself suffer with, people generally feel hideous when blisters appear on our lips.

I have a client who suffers really badly, she has many major health issues and is on a range of medication, some of which are steroid based, therefore her immune system is mostly out of kilter. When she really gets run down, her lips and nose area burst out in blister, so much so that most of her lips are covered.

A while ago now I made her up a oil mix to use on them to help healing, although after seeing her with a lip full of them, she told me she puts the oil on morning and night. I had to explain that she was to use the oil mix on them as much as possible, to keep re-applying through out the day.

I have also discovered a homeopathic remedy that I have tested on myself over the last few months. As soon as I feel a tingling sensation going on I have been taking the remedy, as well as using the oil and my cold sores don’t even blister. I still get a scab but it is flat, dried out and after 24 hours of taking the remedy the cold sore has scabbed over.

I used to always have Zovirex for them but read up about an essential oil, so tested it on myself.  And recently came across the homeopathic remedy that stops them blistering. After it has scabbed then I also take another remedy for healing and instead of feeling hideous you would actually have to look very hard at my lips to notice I have one! Happy Days.

My client with health issues texted me to say she needed top up of oil, as been feeling the tingle! I mentioned the remedy to see if she would give it a go. she took the remedy on Wednesday night as instructed. As she lives on my road, I popped in yesterday and she was extremely pleased that they had not blistered, could hardly be seen and dried out already.

If you suffer with cold sores and you want to know more about my remedies, please contact me either by e-mail or mobile.

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