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Exceptional Health & Me, the Therapist.

I’m me, the therapist and for a while now and can honestly say, phew. Freeing myself from running a clinic had been very stressful but the letting go has been fantastic. I guess I had forgotten over the last 7 years of having a clinic, most of which was on my own, that it comes with lots of responsibility of having a business and was not just me, the therapist.

I had a truly amazing journey with it, I had to re-invent myself and a clinic after leaving a city clinic of 8 years. After having my daughter, I had to look at life differently as I was a single mum and had to manage my time in a whole new way.  This is how Exceptional health came about.

It’s funny because over the last 15 years I have never doubted my choice of working for myself but when it came to having my own clinic, which originally was with a business partner then just me,  I became something else with a business, it almost felt like I was not working for myself. I know because I also had other therapists who paid to use the space and even though they were not employed by me, I had to think not only of myself but them as well as a clinic.

I do believe that when you are not having FUN with what you are doing then that can also have an effect on everyday life. It engulfed my life 7 days a week, every week, I had lost my excitement, enthusiasm and was finding out what most of my clients come to see me for, STRESS! And yes did I feel it physically. So what I had set out to do due to the birth of my daughter became a full time work as well as everything else!

But this is also interesting, because of the above, I did think about what I could do with how I was feeling but mostly what I wanted.  And then an offer came, ‘The Docklands Clinic’, a new lease of life, re-furbished clinic to which I can proudly say that I am now part of.

Me, the therapist once more, all I think about now is my treatments when I’m treating, so the client therefore has my full attention, I don’t feel stressed, having loads more fun and I am now part of a new clinic that I don’t have to run!

Life has a funny way of showing us things and I am happy that I did all that I did with the clinic and Exceptional Health lives on, in me, the therapist!


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