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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Exceptional Health.

Has it been a mad time for everybody? I thought I had been quite organised this year and bought presents as I went along only to realise that I had bought hardly anything and up until yesterday I still had at least 5 people to buy for! Luckily I have reduced that down to 2, but my biggest stress is realising I now need to go into the West End!! Ahhhhhhhhh!

So, once again it has become stressful, all last minute and yet I never seem to learn from previous years! I have to get the stress down, so I am drinking copious amounts of Chamomile tea! Even my 6 year old is having her own type of stress, unfortunately it is expressed in tantrums but hey I would get arrested for behaving like that as an adult!

I am lucky enough to have this clinic and some wonderful therapists at hand. Sports injury for those pulled arm muscles from carrying heavy bags, full of gifts! Homeopathy when the struggle on public transport becomes so over-whelming due to the crowds. Acupuncture when my adrenals have gone into over-drive from lack of sleep due to too many late nights!

The other reason I choose to look after myself is because Christmas is so full on not only with work, but the socialising we do and I find that when the actual day comes I am so exhausted I become ill. The amount of times I have got sick (in my past) as and when I finally stop!

 Sound familiar?

It’s because our bodies spend so much time in hyper mode that when we do finally stop, the body gets to express what it was holding onto. I did used to get ill most Christmas holidays but luckily I tend to look after myself better and know when my body is telling me to slow down. Because of the festive season and in my opinion many of us live in their mental and emotional world that they tend to not really notice the physical until it is too late and you’re ill!

My tip to help is to check in with your physical self once in a while and notice what the body is telling you, because believe me it can tell you a lot before you get hit with illness!

Merry Christmas from Claire

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