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New web site and blog

I always start my blog with ‘ well’ , so decided not to today!

Welcome to our new web site where I hope you find all the information that you need and if not, you are able to contact us via the web!  Isn’t technology fantastic! It’s exciting moving with the 21st century, considering I am probably the most un-techy person around and know that my 6 year old will know more than me by the time they are 8!

New features to the web will be a monthly newsletter, information on issues that arise and I think need to be highlighted. I also intend to do this blog once a week and give you my view on health!

I am no intellectual and nor do I profess to know everything, but, I have been a therapist for 15 years to which I really believe that my feet are firmly on the ground and I don’t get on so well with the more fluffy approach to what I do!

I am not a book person, I learn through working with people and I guess over time have learned to read people quite well and where stress hits. I am not always polite to patients, what I mean by this is that I will try and push buttons to get the reaction, because to me I have this saying, which was taught to me.

Noticing fixes more than fixing.

Not everything is fixable, take posture for example, you could have a massage every week yet there are still issues with tension happening, but until said person starts to notice how they are sitting at their desk, it’s not going to change and its still going to cause a problem.

I like the simpleness of life and that’s not say I don’t get stressed out, after all I am a single mum, I work and have to juggle life, but I cope because I try and keep myself  in the here and now which helps, and also think that there is always a solution to everything and yes there are days where all the above goes out the window!!

What I would like to do on this blog is tell you my view of health, and issues that arise and if a patient is willing for me to discuss their case within this I will

I am not sure if it is to do with my age now, but I must admit I get very irate about some health issues and how the medical profession and the EU for that matter don’t give us a chance and how political its all getting, my question , is it that we could give the drugs companies a run for all that money they earn, but I will save that one for another blog at another time!!

So, welcome to my blog and I hope that enjoy reading it and i look forward to updating it on a weekly basis and feel free to comment ! Claire

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