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New to Exceptional Health

Hello, I have been very busy getting the clinic filled with more exceptional therapists to join the team here. I am excited about bringing on board a Thai massage therapist and shortly I will be having a dietitian who works very closely with GP’s on diet related issues, she will be starting towards the end of the month. And lastly, a company are joining me called urBOD, who are a group of 3 practitioners who are all nutritionist who also specialise in fertility, pregnancy, infertility.

I am hoping to get colonic hydrotherapy here by May but I am only in the discussion stage of this as it is more complicated to set up than I ever imagined, more to do with plumbing! I have realised that there is no-where in the docklands that this therapy is available, so I hope that she will be joining us.

Lastly, the other therapy I would love to have here is natural beauty as I feel that we have too much rubbish that we plaster on our faces, full of more toxicity and I talking more about botox!. I am in talks with a company that provide pure organic products and I hope to carry a range here to sell.

I will keep you informed of new therapies that are coming to Exceptional Health.

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