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Autumn Arrives

I have noticed the change in the weather although as many of us have discussed we had a dreadful summer, so apart from being a little bit colder at least it is not raining to!

What I wanted to write about today was looking at keeping us virus free for the next 6 months, last year I was treating so many clients who had caught a cold, could not shift it and then once they thought they had got over it, get it again. So, I thought next year I must give my clients more preventative methods to keep their immune systems up.

Firstly, of course it does not help that you are all working in close proximity and because work loads for people are so huge and of course we want to be seen as putting in those hours regardless of how we are feeling. I mean how many times during the colder weather do you travel on public transport or be at work and there is someone with mucous streaming fro their nose or they have a hacking cough ! Due to the fact we are so air conditioned now, those germs hit that system and spread. Also we don’t seem to have extreme cold spells for long enough which halts the prolification of germs, one day cold next mild and the germs love it!

I wish I could remember when I heard it on the news, but it was about 3 months ago, scientists in America have proved that echinacea does increase ones immune system, but there is a rule to taking it, 6 weeks on and 2 weeks. We sell it here at the clinic and also a children version.

Of course one way you can keep your selves healthy is with a good diet, I am not saying that you have to be extreme, but making sure a lot of it is fresh foods and also boosting your diet with some Multi vitamin & Minerals, Vitamin C. I am not a huge fan of supplements but if you can’t always keep a check on your diet then to hit the supplements for a few months would help.

Besides these, I am a homeopath and I use western herbs, so I also do combination remedies either homeopathic or herbal to help reduce system of really any kind of illness. Sometimes I get a call from a client whom I may not of seen but has been to the clinic and it was suggested to them to give me a call to see if I can make a remedy up for them to help combat what they are suffering from. I even have a great hang over cure, tried and tested to be 100% successful !

If you would like to come and see me here at the clinic to discuss ways of boosting your immune for the cold weather or you are ill and want some help shifting it, please contact me either by phone or e-mail.

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