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Back from holiday

Just got back from my summer holidays, feeling relaxed, not exactly rested and noticing I need to get my diet back to health, sound familiar!

I went to France, camping with my friend who has 3 kids and my one child. Why do I say not rested, well 4 kids camping, raining most of the time and if it wasn’t the rain waking me at night, the owls did or at least one child woke in the night!

So what do you do for 10 days in a wet tent with 4 children under 5 years old, eat ! I am honestly not surprised that I do not look like a french baguette, a croissant or pain au chocolat ! I have realised that when I go away I come home craving vegetables and a decent space to cook in!

As it rained most of the time, cramming us all in a tent was o.k but having to try and cook some decent food in there as well made it somewhat difficult and we had a saying ‘hot water in the house’, so the kids did not crash into the camping stove and either set themselves or the tent on fire!

French way of life I could do, the food markets, local produce, fresh veg, salad, cheese and of course the boulangerie. The trouble was alot of what we could of done was inhibited by the down pours of rain. I found myself the one who cooked most nights but had to think really hard about what was convenient to do on a camping stove and also that the kids were getting good nutrition but sometimes that just went straight out the tent! Bread for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and some half decent food for dinner.

When we got home, the thought of toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch was not what I wanted. I spent the first week back eating fish or vegetarian dishes! All in all when on holiday I know we all think it’s o.k to eat what ever but I find that on coming home my digestion is really out of kilter and it takes me another month to get it back on track!

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