Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Gain profound full body benefits with this massage designed to concentrate attention and care to particular areas of concern. Receive relief from chronic pain and stored muscle tension in this intensive treatment.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a technique of working directly onto conditions within the muscle tissue. This massage focuses on specific areas of injury and imbalance, helping to relieve pain on specific points and surrounding tissue. Due to the direct nature of Sports Massage, there are many conditions that can be treated, from injuries relating to sporting activities to work related chronic aches and pains – the treatment aims include:

  • Break down of adhesion’s within the muscle
  • Help to restore/increase range of movement
  • Realise of muscle tension
  • Aiding of recovery of damaged or fatigue muscle

Through Sports Massage treatment, areas of tension and imbalance can be identified and techniques for stretching specific muscles given to promote future wellbeing.

Sports and remedial massage therapy is not just for participants of regular sporting activities. While professional competitive sporting pursuits may take the body to limits of endurance, we all subject our bodies to a range of different stressors everyday, both through work and recreational activities, which can lead to muscle and soft tissue imbalances and eventually to chronic aches and discomfort.

Sports and remedial massage therapy can identify areas of dysfunction and muscle tension and treat these effectively to reduce restriction and pain, increase restorative blood and lymphatic flow and restore balance and function of the body. Whilst specific sporting injuries can benefit from sports massage, decreasing rehabilitation time and allowing a faster return to training, sports massage can also identify and work through areas of restriction which contribute to a pattern of compensatory movement and increased risk of future injury.

Common presenting symptoms which benefit from remedial massage include tension, aches and pains through the lower back, neck and shoulders. Prolonged periods in seated postures such as in an office environment can contribute to muscle and soft tissue imbalances which can lead to chronic tension and muscular imbalance leaving the body susceptible to injury. Treatment for these areas of discomfort can relieve pain and help to restore balance while creating a greater awareness of the body for future health and well-being.


Claire Stiling Costs 1 hour £65 30 mins £40