Claire Stiling

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Claire Stiling is a qualified Aromatherapist specialising in remedial massage for sports injuries.  She is accomplished in craniosacral therapy and homeopathy and uses a Quantum Xrroid machine to test for allergy/food intolerances.

All treatments are carried out in at the new premises in Hackney.

Deep tissue remedial massage helps with the rehabilitation of sports injuries, soft tissue injury and sudden acute pain or lack of movement.

Craniosacral therapy is an altogether different approach to healing, involving no pressure but tuning into the rhythms of the patient.  This works wonderfully with newborns, children and pregnant women.  Claire gives regular talks at The Barkentine Clinic to new mothers.  Birth is one of the most stressful times in our lives and if a baby has endured trauma this can be expressed in colic, irritability, difficulty in feeding, wind and sleeplessness.  Claire has had many successes through craniosacral therapy at eliminating these issues in babies.

Homeopathy is a safe and effective form of natural, non toxic medicine which helps the body heal itself.  It focuses on treating the patient as a whole rather than the disease.  Prescribing is based on all aspects of a patient’s condition.  The patient’s personality and lifestyle are also important.  Homeopathic remedies can be administered alongside conventional medicine helping the body’s natural defences.

Claire has been involved in complementary therapy since 1996 end enjoys working in an environment with a team of reputable therapists amongst which she can refer her patients.   She handles all her cases with integrity in order that the client receives the best care with an eclectic approach to their whole well-being.

Treatments include:

  •  Craniosacral specialising in babies
  •  Craniosacral for pregnancy
  •  Pregnancy massage
  •  Deep tissue massage for acute/chronic pain
  •  Aromatherapy Massage
  •  Allergy/Food Intolerance Testing
  •  Quantum Xrroid Health MOT
  •  Homeopathy treatments